What Rescue Dogs Teach Us About Love

Apparently, we own a hunting dog. The bird lying on the ground in our backyard gave us an inkling. And the skunk that scurried past while our pooch simply sat on point and barked (something she rarely does)--without getting sprayed. She could beat anyone at a staring contest (as displayed), and she will sit as... Continue Reading →

How To Thrive

One of my most distinct memories with Safe Families was also one of my shortest. I had the opportunity to spend two hours with a little seven-month-old boy in the hospital. He was twelve pounds. He had been brought in a few weeks prior to this and had finally gained enough weight to be discharged.... Continue Reading →

Embracing The Company of The Lowest

Eugene Peterson is one of my favorite authors. I realize that some are not as largely in love as I am with The Message translation of the Bible, but this one right here, rocks. In six words, it shows exactly what God did when He left His throne to come and be with the animals.... Continue Reading →

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