How About A Little P.D.A.!

It’s time to bring back this phrase that has been too often viewed in a negative light. If isolation is what is driving addictions and mental illness, it is intimacy that is the necessary medicine to combat it by making us who we were meant to be. Robert Mulholland defines holiness as living in public intimacy with God. When God calls us His temples in 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17, and 6:19, He is reminding us that we have been consecrated, sanctified, and tattooed with His Name (2 Chronicles 7:18). This is for the purpose of bringing Him glory. He is calling us to live lives of public love and commitment to Him (P.D.A.) so that others can see, know, and experience Him.

In 2 Chronicles 7, King Solomon worshipped at the temple by sacrificing 22,000 cattle and 120,000 sheep. The choir and orchestra then sang and played anthems to the praise and love of God. As His temples, this is exactly what we are being called to: lives characterized by worship, which includes sacrifice, praise, and love.

“The man who does not house self has room to be his true/real self–God’s eternal idea of him. . . There is no thought of ruling or commanding or surpassing. He can imagine no bliss in being greater than others.”

George MacDonald

When the temple was finished, God so filled it with His glory that there was not even room for the priests to enter. That’s what God does with our sacrifices and praises to Him; consumes them and fills us to the point that there is no longer room for anything else. While we may not be killing cattle, sacrifice, for us, looks more like choosing to give of our time, money, or desires in a way that prefers another over ourself. When we do this, He fills us, just like the temple Solomon built. And when we worship Him in song, He replaces our worries with his peace.

“To live in 1 Corinthians 3:16 is to realize that we have what we seek. There is no need to run after pleasure, security, or power like unbelievers do . . . peace and pleasure in the Divine is enough.”

Brennan Manning

Just as He describes the temple in the Old Testament, He describes us now. We have been chosen and sanctified so that His Name would be on us forever, along with His eyes, His ears, and His heart! This is probably why tattoos have becoming so popular. They are a visual reminder of who someone is or what is important to them because our minds forget all too often.

“When we live in this special place, this sanctuary created by God, we are privileged–not in a haughty way, but in a blessed state that is complete and yet apart from anything that can pull us down.”

Susan Gregory

When we know nothing can pull us down, we can go low–just like Jesus. He was the ultimate temple which was destroyed and raised again three days later to become a meeting place between God and man. As His temples, we are to be walking around meeting places for God and man. We do this by lives that are charactized by sacrifice, praise, and love.

unsplash photos by Avel Chuklanov, Brandon Morgan, & Zac Durant

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