Discovering Pearls From Pain

I have a confession. I judged a book by its cover. When I saw the female goalkeeper and the words by Mo Isom: "Wreck My Life: Journeying From Broken to Bold", I could not resist opening it up. I immediately pictured myself in high school in the net, facing a breakaway. In these instances, which... Continue Reading →

Thick Skin. Soft Heart.

God seems to be trying to thicken my skin and soften my heart at the same time. I don't like it so much. But, I know I will enjoy the fruits of this work because I really don't like it when I allow what other people say or do to me to affect my mood,... Continue Reading →

The Words That Changed My Life

"Joy comes when we practice the discipline of engaging regularly with those who are less fortunate." - Arloa Sutter While I was reading Isaiah 58 this week, with all the promises that are given as a result of "True Fasting", I realized why this quote changed my life. I've seen them come true. About eight years... Continue Reading →

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