Thick Skin. Soft Heart.

God seems to be trying to thicken my skin and soften my heart at the same time. I don't like it so much. But, I know I will enjoy the fruits of this work because I really don't like it when I allow what other people say or do to me to affect my mood,... Continue Reading →

The Words That Changed My Life

"Joy comes when we practice the discipline of engaging regularly with those who are less fortunate." - Arloa Sutter While I was reading Isaiah 58 this week, with all the promises that are given as a result of "True Fasting", I realized why this quote changed my life. I've seen them come true. About eight years... Continue Reading →

We Are All Going To Die. Now What?

Embracing this fact, according to "The Teacher/Quester/Preacher" in Ecclesiastes, will help to better guide us through this life as we know it. A friend of mine prompted this topic when she gave me a copy of David Gibson's book, "Living Life Backward: How Ecclesiastes Teaches Us To Live In Light Of The End". According to Eugene... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Failure

"Powerlessness is our greatest treasure. Don't try to get rid of it. Everything in us wants to get rid of it. Grace is sufficient for you, but not something you can understand. To be in too big a hurry to get over our difficulties is a mistake because you don't know how valuable they are from... Continue Reading →

To Expose or To Be Exposed?

Would you rather expose yourself or be exposed? In a recent interview, I was asked to discuss my weaknesses. I didn't really think I would get the job if I did that, but they probably don't want someone who thinks they are perfect, so I spilled it. It felt great. Maybe too great, since once... Continue Reading →

What Rescue Dogs Teach Us About Love

Apparently, we own a hunting dog. The bird lying on the ground in our backyard gave us an inkling. And the skunk that scurried past while our pooch simply sat on point and barked (something she rarely does)--without getting sprayed. She could beat anyone at a staring contest (as displayed), and she will sit as... Continue Reading →

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