Wild Living

"I'd like to redeem the word wild... Our culture has diluted it... The kind of wild the world sees is not our wild. Our wild does not mean driving with no regard for the rules of the road. It doesn't mean TV shows that exploit college girls who are looking for love and acceptance. It... Continue Reading →

Standing With The Disposable

I listened to a five minute clip of Gregory Boyle's commencement address the other day and was pretty much mush for the hours that remained. Towards the end of the graceful story he describes about an ex-gang member turned tender, contributing, peaceful member of society, yet constantly judged by others because of his looks, he... Continue Reading →

Did God Fast?

I've been staring at Isaiah 58:6 on my arm for about four days now. Because it's one of the verses I'm very familiar with, I haven't allowed it to seep into my skin and soul like some of the other ones that have dressed my forearm over the past couple of years. Until today. It... Continue Reading →

Christian Marriage: Take Two.

She took a seat behind me, tapped my shoulder in a way that spoke affectionately, and said; "you know, you cannot get married again, right?" To which I weakly replied; "yep". My heart burned a bit. I was somewhat sadenned, somewhat surprised, and somewhat resting in the seed of truth that those words were really... Continue Reading →

“The Unprotected Life”

I once adorned myself with a bullet-proof vest. It felt as if I became Wonder-Woman or something. On the way out of the office and into the streets, however, a co-worker noticed my seeming invincibility and commented; "they can still shoot you in the head". Lovely. We were doing home visits for women on probation... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Broken–Anymore (Part 2)

"Sometimes it is necessary to re-teach a thing its loveliness"Galway Kinnell Since last week's post seemed to gain a little traction--enticing more than the typical ten readers, I think I may have stumbled upon something. Since then, however, I've discovered another part to this story. The story of what stillness can teach us. This world... Continue Reading →

The Anonymous Servant

I was sitting in a Twelve Step group the other day following along with our reading, and my mind could not move past the first line. Usually I am searching for a nugget to hold onto and share on, but this time, it was right in my face and I couldn't get past it: "Anonymity... Continue Reading →

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