Do Not Cling To Me

I have to admit, the words, "Do not cling to me" (or something similar), exited my mouth on more than one occasion when my kids were little. I didn't realize then that I was quoting Jesus. Whether it was outside in August with sweat on sweat; a cold body after swimming lessons, or an over-exaggerated... Continue Reading →

Choosing and Being Chosen

Even though God can do whatever He wants to do, He chooses to know us from the start (2 Thes 2:13). We have been claimed by God and taken out of the "world" to be His (Jn 15:9); His inheritance (Eph 1:4); and His treasure (1 Peter 2:9). While basking in the thought of this,... Continue Reading →

Improving Our Vision

In high school, there was a time when I was a bit of a freak show. As I sat in the back of the bus on the way home from a soccer game one night, a teammate looked at me in shock. I cannot really remember if it was in disgust or awe, but she... Continue Reading →

But When You Give A Banquet . . .

Several years ago, a well-known mega-church pastor discovered in his morning quiet time something he had not noticed before--visit the prisoner. Since then, in his own discovery of neglecting something God had clearly asked of His followers, several prison ministries have been launched, and Christmas gifts have been regularly packed and dispersed to every inmate... Continue Reading →

Love Embraces Suffering

"Suffering is clearly designed by God not only as a way to ween Christians off of self and onto grace, but also as a way to spotlight that grace and make it shine." John Piper In 1 John 3:16-20, the apostle John explains that Jesus was the one who showed us what real love was... Continue Reading →

How About A Little P.D.A.!

It's time to bring back this phrase that has been too often viewed in a negative light. If isolation is what is driving addictions and mental illness, it is intimacy that is the necessary medicine to combat it by making us who we were meant to be. Robert Mulholland defines holiness as living in public... Continue Reading →

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